• R. E. Maynard

An Emotional Tide Drowns Sorrowful Ties to Humanity’s Scornful Heart

An Emotional Tide Drowns Sorrowful Ties to Humanity’s Scornful Heart

A heart wasted in misbeliefs, forces a society divided to explore heartache deep rooted in sorrowed expressions, raged over a war on humanity’s differences of opinion. Redemption impossibly out of reach with millions of revengeful thoughts riddled in the mindlessness of ideological chaos, favored in a state of burdensome choices leading a democracy nowhere close to a republic for which we stand together.

A darkened shade of hopelessness cast vendettas blinded by battled scarred memories of loved ones lost. Hatred for our fellow citizens scorn a lifetime of misconceived disparities, as regrettable days chaotic with ignorance unbeknownst to a society aching with a festering dishonesty rule of mankind. A mockingbird’s voice interprets fears grown ill-conceived collectively, voices ring true over divisive carelessness, as decisions tied to injustices’ wrathful tides force a split narrative across waves of deceitful expectations waged.

So shall our moral decency hinge upon humanity’s scornful heart, until honesty reinforces the truths about oneself, as a moral conscience dismantles this indigent rational with morality’s disdain, and a populous inherent in hatred grows beyond the ideals of our love affair with insanity.

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