• R. E. Maynard

An Idle Witness

An Idle Witness

The world around me portrays so much chaos and conflicts longstanding humanity’s brokenness as mankind forces such agendas as wars. I plea with the people of my faith to stand idle in trust that God will protect our Christian homes rested at easy in these hearts casted in servitude of the Lord. The lord request that we stand and watch as He rids our Earthly existence of humans who force their evil deeds upon God’s worthy. I feel worthy of His protectiveness in light of my sins forgiven.

I pray for the souls of God’s enemies here on Earth and for eternity shall my heart bleed for their forgiveness. Humanly imperfect do they reign ignorant in such fouled campaigns as acts against the innocence of God’s people while reaping no resolve. A willing witness to the slaughter God wills remains bested as an able response to so many ungodly resources wielded against humanity’s favorable remorse. The American soldier is an entity entrusting heartily in God, country, and family, because in God our military are a force armed in faith, dutiful in a country who boundaries never bleed, and protective of our families as a result of displaying such courage. I honor my God and those who serve to protect our never treaded shores with bravery. Idle do I witness God’s hands protect all that is precious in our faith in Him (Read - 2 Chronicles 20:12). God bless our American service-members.

Heroes save lives and God looks to our sincerities as a human race with sympathies for such imperfections. We are not murdering machines ill-intended for war without due cause and the effects of evil doers as a rule of engagements. I have watched as wars over my lifetime led campaigns against humanity for selfish gains and the enslavements of God’s children by evil doers with fearful reigns. My faith goes to God in a far greater campaign worthy of all our souls’ salvations, whereas His enriched forgiveness and love feels deservingly true. God does not fail us, as we fail Him.

My greatest achievement shall be the wealth of God’s words instilled with me as a human being. I have a life of sin to divulge upon His willfulness to forgive. Idle do I attend the horrible sights of murderous schemes here on Earth, but I pray for the victimhood of those who fall prey and even plot such fated disasters against the innocent. We human purveyors of moral fortitude must be able minded and wholehearted enough to stand idle with trust that God is a perfect excuse for witnessing such hell on Earth. We lose our loved ones to causes unjust and must cherish their faithful campaigns to protect all that remains precious in humanity’s reign.

God bless us all and especially those military members and their families for such service gained and sacrifices endured. We are witnessing our Lord speak willfully through heroes who prove bravery and true to such honors as familyhood prospers in the land of the free. The remainder of us shall stand idle with our hearts sincere to a forever campaign for praying our sons and daughters remain alive and well forevermore.

God bless America and our endeavors to serve His reign over us all.

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