• R. E. Maynard

An Insidious Haunting Befell Her Curiosity

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

A feeling of being in the presence of evil befell her curiosity for living in the unknown. Exploring the darkened halls of Gravely sanatorium proved that she had an innate sensitivity for finding lost souls. Murder, rape, and corruption had forced governing officials to shut the facility down years prior, as the town’s people feared the worst possible reputation had defined them already.

An Insidious Haunting Befell Her Curiosity

The energies that she felt on this night were ever dire, as her heart paced through the hours. Black masses roamed about with vile intentions to curse the living, while they sought a possession to prey on human emotions. It was the idea of experiencing true wickedness that brought her a sense of absolute fear, shivers strummed her spin like orchestra strings, and the lack of light played tricks on her imagination.

Even knowing that there were demonic souls who wandered the grounds, corpses hidden in unmarked graves—she still pursued every moment without haste. As sure as science prepared her for the research that she so passionately had sought for a lifetime. It was her spiritual connection to the living that taught such valuable lessons about understanding the dead’s due.

Nature quickly demanded her attention, as her breathe cast into the night air. As her mind captured the spirits, felt deep in a heart worthy, and the mesmerizing nature of the darkness took control of her heartache. Love had failed her for years, now more vulnerable than ever—she became under a spell for trusting in her intuitive mind, which she was quickly losing as the power compelled her life now.

Standing atop the main building's roof, she screamed out into the courtyard. "Come to to me and show me that you exist." Her eyes flashed forward quickly, as in a second's time brought her to a blank thought.

Dawn founded a new morrow inspired by the light of the sun, as the light captured the Earth and beams inched over the ground in her direction. The warmth consumed the property with a beautiful new horizon, and the discovery of her body laid splattered in a pool of blood and concrete. Friends and colleagues concerned by her absence traveled from the University to see whether her studies were successful, which brought a search party to find her lifeless body frozen in time with a warped smile across her face.

The proof of her curiosity found a place where a lost soul fit in comfortably. A many years spent believing in ghosts led her to Gravely, and her soul remained trapped in the confines of the property forevermore. An insidious desire to be amongst the dead grew her fond relationship with death’s due.

— R. E. Maynard

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