• R. E. Maynard

An Insightful Appeal Affords this Life of Self-Discovery

An Insightful Appeal Affords this Life of Self-Discovery

Once upon a time in a world of despair, I founded a journey treasured by a duty for owning my self-care. The making of a purposeful life in its entirety, defines a far greater sense of belonging to my destiny. While a birth into a dysfunctional family taught me so much about belonging to something special indeed. I shined brightly as a son, worthy of lighting this world upon fire, as I scotched the grounds for a world of dreams.

Anxiety is a forever force to reckon with in a life of honest accountability, attended to truthfully in actions met, and the development of emotions dealt—reigned ever true from within my dutiful heart. Concrete slabs imagine if you will foresee, a foundation for a resting ground, as people walked about blind to the needs of a human being. I lifted up my shoulders to place a world of loving satisfactions above all other priorities—never without challenges. A risk, I took without fearing loss, and fought hard at all cost.

I excelled in a world of efforts gave for the sake of me.

These measures are the miles traveled through times lost in translation, as a result of every possible day’s new morrows awaken the brightness of horizons anew. Life visualizes my appeal for living boldly in the face of hopeful promises made. Brand new breathtaking moments course the patterns for wearing a cloak of invisibility, as I became most noticed for courageously existent in this life of mine. I had never existed in any life otherwise, in succeeding lessons learned.

A great deal of riches raises the stacks for a life with gifts resembling blessings known, as my growth values a life of emotional wealth, and the future shall afford me a life of incredible peace. A price paid through creating memories, holds dear to my discovery, more of me shall become a reality.

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