• R. E. Maynard

Armed Revelation Favors God’s Faith in Me

Armed Revelation Favors God’s Faith in Me

I need not a mere coin to enrich my spirituality, or a lavish dwelling to shelter my compassions from a lifetime of sacrifice.

Being of this Earth wades me into the blood of mankind’s filthiest perversions, and still a lustful desire aches my heart sincere with honesty to indulge.

I plea with a remorseful apathy.

I shout to the masses fallen on deaf ears, as I feel ever compelled to testify on God’s behalf, and Jesus’s blood remains spilt upon my surroundings with a duty to battle such compulsive nature as the Devil’s whispers in swaying trees.

Born into the Devil’s advocacy, a society hellbent on nurturing from the tit of her majestic tramp, longing to prostitute the mindlessness of a society cast in a lady’s darkness.

My faith enlightens me, cherished in this lifetime of hellish discoveries, draped in the depths of frightening curiosity, thankfully—God guards my paradise from even my own naïveté.

I shall bask in the light of my Lord Jesus, as Angels destroy the followers of false idols and sinful acts of menageries leave God’s people bear witness the end of sin for one thousand years.

Seven deadly threats to a soulful peace, dangerously unstable in pursuit of happiness, as deceptions misguide the principles of humanity while reigning free of Satan’s tainting distrust.

Our glory be to God, an eternity given for the faithful, and the love of the Lord is all powerful, even if this means forgiveness leaves loved ones lost in graceless missed harmonies.

The gathering of Our people glee with hearts made of golden harps, strumming, and singing in praise of the Humanity of God’s love.

In God’s blessed arms are you always protected.

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