• R. E. Maynard

Awakening Morality’s Sense of Belonging to a Human Race

Awakening Morality’s Sense of Belonging to a Human Race

A consciousness speaks to my sense of belonging to a wayward humanity, as I will my heart to love without fear. My heart explains discovering facts about humanity daily, as truths that prove the pigment of mankind define no tone more beautiful than those redeeming individuality.

We are the image of one likeliness in its simplicity, as variations of God’s children see through to a peaceful existence where identity defines humanity. The proof of our differences resembling the betterment of mankind, always portray every walk of life ever so sublime, as we are a world of flesh and blood.

God built us to trust in love, as all our following emotions lead to greater regards for caring for oneself, setting aside divisions on shelves of discontent, resentment, and strife. We fight for mere life, as terror weighs in hostilities and history lessons to bear, so does a fouling burden remain blind by moral integrity.

A life worthy of such self-respects demands the attention of a world stage, as a truer courage sends alarming messages of hope to the masses—so goes the devaluing of lives as senseless deaths go. People’s frustrations seek refuge in the violence against the oppressions of a society judging a lesser regard for humanity’s forsaken promises.

A single man’s false leadership fails to speak wisely over tensions grown, a fool’s account of freedoms dismantling what constitutes this racist’s ill-temperaments shown. A Presidential voice remains enraging to the underbelly of a nation, inarticulate rants spill across the senseless duties of media outlets, as robots brainwash the opinions of a society hellbent on discoursing every wiser mind willing to forge intellectualism into a greater good.

Our hearts shall cease to exist in a matter of time, if not for the sake of humanity’s grace, as God made a human race—a people of shame and authority battle over the deeds of whom shall weigh out rights to such differences. Still a greater enrichment fails to value the emotional wealth of the human species—one in the same, we reign as a world of possibilities.

The greed of a clandestine ignorance plagues the hidden agendas of a minority, while the future of our lives rises above the hatred dispelling an era of political factions fail naive enticements for conducting tomfoolery upon a nation of fools.

Many desires for enforcing superiority looks to rule over the commonality of decency, as due cause for the effects for togetherness redeem love’s honesty. We awaken morality’s sense of belonging to a human race dependent on our destinies for one love.

We force our voices upon the hearts of the rational, reigning freedoms over all Americans who wish to breathe easier without the threat of ignorance shown. Violence shall not claim our dignity as a nation of human beings, and if given the opportunities to prove worthy, together we would exist with eyes wide open to interpretations grown.

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