• R. E. Maynard

Awakening to a Life Anew–Regardless of Heartache Ado

Awakening to a Life Anew–Regardless of Heartache Ado

Failing to acknowledge the dramas controlling her sulky outlook over a recent split from love’s foolish ending from a long-time relationship, she thought that neglect must of love caused this passionate spite settled deep inside a fiery gut. No matter what efforts she sought to counteract her feelings ultimately caused a great deal of confusion to why he left her lonesome. The certainty about her malfunctioning heart stayed riddled by the idea that their first date’s disastrous affair weighed heavily on his conscience.

Days started spiraling into sleepless nights and less tenacity caught up with her lack of responsiveness. Certainly, the wrinkles in her favorite set of pajamas told a tale, as she dazed into a state of smugness. She slept all day—everyday, while awaking only to eat snacks, and coercing those emotions deeper into a grave of regrettable choices––she decided that the unpretentious facts mattered least. Sadly, even a few extra pounds left no ill-impression over such a non-existent maintenance––her dream man ruined a good thing.

After weeks passed without her attention to alarm, her phone began to ring demandingly for hours on end, as a discouraged sass strained her ability to answer her cell phone. Regardless of the number displayed, she ignored willfully. Emotionally charged, thus she finally answered and angrily stated, “What in the Hell? Who is this dammit?”

Silence echoed and she then realized that the person hung up on her abruptly. This was not a prank phone call, annoyed by the implication that he had cowardly assisted in her demise––she concluded a time had come to stop such foolish behavior. Thoughts questioning such gall forced her to try and feel freed again. A glance into the full-length mirror caused an even more alarming encounter to otherwise discover that her untidy, smelly, strange appearance at best––might be a sign of the times.

A dash into the bathroom, she turned on the shower for a good washing and took to untangling her ratted hair with a brush. Numerous days she laid in a fetal position surrounded by a mess of wrappers and emptied containers—she finally had enough of such stubborn despair. A better effort surely would be the perfect antidote to prove that she surely cared. The very thought of running into her ex-boyfriend around their little town square, now inspired her to just smile and gain back her self-respect. Awakening to a life new, meant that she resisted the ill-reasoning for a life of heartache ado.

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