• R. E. Maynard

Baby Oaklynn’s Angel Wings

Updated: Sep 17, 2019


Ashes to ashes now kept close to a mother’s heart forevermore, in a locket of remembrance named for her babygirl, Oaklynn Paige.

Born into a loving grace — now existent in a better place. A new born baby brought so much happiness to this deserving world.

Adorned hearts are fulfilled for an amazing infant’s eternal dreams, while this bundle of joy continues to gift brave souls awaiting heaven’s gate.

A meeting shall bring these grateful souls togetherness once more, as their faith in the human spirit compels them wholeheartedly.

The loss of such a beautiful baby girl continues to define hopes for a family’s sprawling tree, and as newly strengthened parents who have experienced such loss are hearts of gold.

Momma’s prayers send blessings to the heavenly body of God’s domain, and Daddy’s admirations prove worthy of heartfelt wishes to build hearts on high.

Julian and Tanner hold dear memories of a sister’s love, a family now lives with hearts of sincerity in her blessed name.

Grandma stands tall before her clan as a faithful soul, as her loved ones trust in her beautiful heart — surviving as one.

God hears their lessons of loving respects, instilling mournful thoughts into surviving hearts for the rest of their days.

As God’s little angel now learns to soar through the heavens free from pain, as Oaklynn Paige spreads her newly gifted angel wings — her soul now fulfills a sainthood for the ages.

  — R. Everett Maynard

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