• R. E. Maynard

Battled Scars Roadmap Our Recoveries

Battled Scars Roadmap Our Recoveries

A long ponderance helps to reidentify a person’s thoughts with most welcomed expressions, as nature’s influential gifts sense a far better wonderment of perceptions to rebirth one’s understanding of life’s harsher realities.

Years beating the drum of a worn psyche tatters the fabric of society with torn mentalities less equipped to cope with such thoughts, riddled with fearful intuitions of temperamental personalities, as every naïveté presented in kinder sensibilities creates a hardened personality to cope with those indifferences ill-favoring failures.

Even though these impressionable personalities naïve to the loyalties for lending dependability foolishly––a lesser value costly cloaks insecurities and haunts every decision for coursing demeanors more aggressively adept to satisfy a world of savagery through personality traits strengthened by disregard for morality.

The simplification of any less perception stressing the psyche beyond its natural flux––naturally exist in the mindset fathoming adeptly those stressors that bend the lost time of carelessness.

A revelation of nonchalant attitude sanctifies moments for storing pain inside an empty shell known unidentifiably by an individual’s emotional journey through Hell and back.

Searching deep within a war-torn mentality for weighing self-inadequacies bears the weight of emotions suitable to the humanistic traits of morality’s honest circumstances, while any worry sets a precedence for carrying anguish through life’s puzzling dimensions in mentalities forcing anxiety atop heavier hearts.

Battle scars roadmap the necessary directions taken for self-discoveries, recovering those crucial values that build our psyche stronger than ever before, as self-love, self-respect, and self-worth pinpoint a destination with destiny’s favor.

Arriving in the betterment of a psyche well fashioned with direction and purpose is a journey well worth the lessons learned, and even in lessoning the misled choices of every conscience to bear, an outcome determined by the will to accomplish recovery speaks clearly about the directions traveled.

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