• R. E. Maynard

Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen

An applicant of great expectations, painted face with little comparison to fair, walking with style across staged glory. A steady grace resembles her state of affairs, a beautiful smile spreads across her lovely face, and an opinion she must bear.

Frilly dresses delight her sense of fashioning lace, bathing suites align her curves with attire, as all the best candidates reach the final ten. To lose is the proof of an ultimate sin, as every winner redeems a moral obligation to live in vain.

Legs for miles lead all imaginations, since her birth a destined queen does reign, as dozens of tiaras set atop her head with pride, and she has always been a most beautiful farewell.

Crowning achievements report her place in this world, sashes representative of every country in the world do drape boldly, while a big announcement awaits the future Miss you know who.

Top prize goes to the one and only, glimmering surprise in the midst of a shining spotlight, bright ideas speak volumes about how much she cares.

In most appreciative eyes does she stand above all her adoring peers, she remains an object of every simple desire, a lady who deserves life’s challenges, she reigns a title defining her as a beauty queen, applaud her won’t you please.

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