• R. E. Maynard

Beyond Change Love Demands Life

Beyond Change Love Demands Life

The world sat upon his weighted shoulders, undeniably his will suffered greatly, as a life once regrettably forsaken now left him plenty of time to spare. Any hope of a fighting spirit led to his potential demise, so too would life trickle through his fingertips without a grasp for caring. A community of cherished supporters leave his loved ones building a ladder of frustrations riddling willful hearts ever kinder with truths. Every choice came truer with the proof of his lesser demeanors ruling days as if changes were of no need for leaving his acceptance of death well enough alone.

In an attempt to lessen his days on Earth, he wished for death silently within a defeated spirit, as he remained unable to get out of his own way. Lying about lazily in a lifestyle of no regards for accomplishing a single dream, a recipient of a gift from God may not always recognize their blessings at hand. Memories of lying in an ICU Care Unit at the local hospital felt fearful, while the aftermath felt even more so unpredictable, and his actions were the proof of his denials about living still. Damning frustrations plagued his daily thoughts riddled with heartaches and shame.

He voiced a discomforting disagreement with just about every compliance demanded by his medical staff. It seemed that he took a commanding ignorance in blaming everyone else but himself. Nevertheless, he placed his responsibilities on a shelf to no longer have the burden of such forceful responses to failing his health, and for longer than he could find a willfulness lent to a life known as unknown. Family somehow cared for the very hope of his extended life, renewed by the science of mankind’s intuitive medical miracles, but even those unable to feel the weight of the world discovered he disbelieved that a life could be truer even after breath released him all too well.

A heartbeat anew that should have a renewed lease on life, left an appearance failing his potentials in a lifestyle where old habits were too hard to break. Everyone that pointed out the actions of this man’s foolish perspectives regarding life became his ticket collector at the gate of Heaven’s inevitable fate. The clutter and laziness that caused him so much pleasure–fell on so many other’s as duties to maintain his stabilities. The lack of his caring felt insane to everyone who spent so much time harboring the sweat, blood, and tears, but no one could have known the burdens that created this human trapped in the shell of a man.

However human beings satisfy the acceptance of those ailments tainting their own broken temples. In the end of anyone’s disparaging life, a loss of emotions haunt souls without ever knowing a person’s capacity for escaping fate. If a determined spirit foreboded his will to change such unfortunate outcomes, then sure as the circle of life would indeed define anybody’s life cut short must definitely torture a mind frightfully. The goodness of a man set on coursing failures gaining nothing more than excuses, discovers no will to fight for his right to live happily ever after. Change is a battle in every life lived, as a right for improvements are a difficult decision to weigh constantly. Even if a man fears that such change will challenge his accomplishments beyond fearing death, so shall his existence as a human being be most valued by all those who love him most.

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