• R. E. Maynard

Blinded by Injustice

The blindfold of justice most narrowly guided his intuition for political power over injustice. Proclaiming his views broadened through lens of political discourse, argumentative at best, Senator Crass always agreed with fascist ideals, and he propagated his pedaling of hatred against racial differences. 

The elected official viewed aggression with shameful acceptance and race tormented Crass’s heartless actions against even his own district. An American was shot and killed by a rookie officer and the events unfolded by an alarming viral video forced to be released by police officials. Crass took offense to the release of the video, because he requested the footage be destroyed by department heads.

The junior senator got the majority of his votes due to a poor showing from the opposition and a discourse over language framed around lies and deceptions. Everyone know politicians are the nation’s most unreliable professionals, but typical representatives have moments for honesty. Crass was an amazing wordsmith with a decisive forked tongue hellbent on spreading evil.

– R. E. Maynard

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