• R. E. Maynard

Bridging a Stable of Productivity

Bridging a Stable of Productivity

Each role has its purpose within a team driven environment, therefore, understanding the need to cater learning to the diversity of a member’s strengths is an imperative measure. Aptitude comes on differing levels for retaining information and any team reliant on one resource may struggle to adapt. A team member better adept with an auditory capacity may lend well to verbal presentations for growing awareness. Some people are the type of learner to react with a hands-on approach as their kinesthetic memory serves repetition well. Other’s personalities may need a visual example to refer to as a refresher to any demanded processes.

Weighing a person’s true characteristics leaves no doubts in placing responsibilities upon a team member prepared with a common goal. Collaboration best suites the functionality of mindsets honest and sewing together processes which in the end accomplishes objectives. Effectiveness relies on time, movement, and waste while delivering on principles that any process can improve with the correct amount of feedback and its continued lessoning. Functionality within a cohesive unit of diverse thinkers can solve any problem and carry successes to their pentacle for productivity. Trusting in one’s abilities must be inclusive to other members so too enable confidence and evolving those standards has merit for building a trusted process through personality traits.

The human factor may become the poison in the well of insecurity, especially in building deep rooted cliques in an environment where value becomes rewarded on varying levels. The stronger learners lend to the team’s capacity for uniting a reliable accountability based on this set of principles that no effort is too great or least appreciated within a team’s purposing. If one member fails at a task, then the whole unit takes on the responsibilities for fashioning a mindset inspired to set aside a certain way of dealing with any given problem––awareness becomes a key for driving confidence. Any outcome from relying on confidence is a relationship building processes demanding access to the neocortex’s positivity which carries a reactive energy most influential for succeeding.

Each support system holding together a bridges’ stability comes equally as weight applies to the tests yet to come as a result of inevitability. An avenue trusted with the reliability factor of a team using personalities to model behaviors has a greater chance for molding successes. A team impressionable to the influence of one dominant personality overrules the team as disabling mentalities fraught with distractions and intimidation intermix negatively. Ultimately, a teams’ communications must be the proof of an honest realm of possibilities so that expressions spark that next great idea.

The first rule of thumb in team building must create trusted relationships where no questioning of any concept is a bad resource or a joking matter, a team is only as good as the failures accepted as resourceful. An idea may not apply to a situation at hand best, as another person’s idea may suite the need with a greater functionality. A team continually thinking critical of value is the basis for wearing the correct hat in a production-driven business remaining a value-based source in any industry where leading principles need adaptive measures.

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