• R. E. Maynard

Chasing Storms in Faith of Surviving Me

Chasing Storms in Faith of Surviving Me

Learning how people’s innate actions create the perfect storm, surviving humanity takes a faith in facing the storms confidently. I appreciate my emotional journey as a writer who adores literature. Reading into the human condition expresses our truest nature to exist as survivors. As good as humans can be to others, our nature to act out in scandal defines one thing. We are so imperfect in the light of God’s perfection.

Upon awakening to every new day’s dawning, I read a daily devotional written by L.B. Cowman. This is a woman who went through so many storms in her lifetime, and she found the best ways to express a spirited affair between life and scripture. My personhood represents the courage for acquiring fearlessness in utilizing leadership qualities mindful to a pursuit of happiness. Feeling well adept to my personality while balancing the influences of anxiety leaves me vulnerable.

Vulnerability has so much power in its natural pursuit for understanding my wants and needs. I found that owning my fears and relating to how these emotions define my existence, I feel less self-judgmental in light of our imperfections as human beings. Self-love helps to guide my basis for caring about humanity and I am a powerful example of mankind’s accountability. God leads me through the storms, as a struggling humanist immortalizing our existence in His good graces faithfully.

Today’s advice read as a strength builder for wielding the gift of naivete, as I mastered a smile as a child who believed in sharing my faith upon a world deserving. Growing up in less than suitable conditions and bouncing around in a system failing to protect me from abusive relationships presented me with some tough lessons to bear. Arriving at adulthood, I brought about one true blessing enabling my psyche the strength to achieve likeability, respectability, favorability, and self-love is a power worn proudly on my sleeves ever compassionately. I keep smiling in the face of chaos and conflict daily. God gave me a genuine reasoning to smile while facing any stormfront destructive by its very nature, because I continually prove how such a gesture helps to identify my faith in living through wellness most deservingly.

My trust in humanity determines exactly how a smile can detour those tempestuous emotions while equipping me with a faith strengthened by our flawed inevitabilities. I am a man dawning the awareness of a psyche enriched with empathy, but I am a true believer in an existence influenced by our imperfections. Learning to express my understanding of our emotional ties to humanity keeps me a powerful resource for writing truths. Maybe my truths expressed are not the words necessarily representative of everybody’s wants and needs, but we all immerse ourselves into the storms differently.

I can only be God’s vessel for expressing my experiences and detailing the bountiful gifts of surviving those storms placed in front of me as a human being.

I grew into a storm chaser in search of those expressive moments best representing my life. Now that words continue to find their way into expressive accounts for surviving daily, do I feel rewarded in faith and a love willfully yours’ for eternity.

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