• R. E. Maynard

Choosing a Life of Thievery Warrants Karma’s Due

Choosing a Life of Thievery Warrants Karma’s Due

There are these sacred promises that define trust, as a trustworthy heart is a virtuous deed to owning one’s life. By forfeiting one’s right to trust leaves a trail of commonalities known only by the untrustworthy types.

It is the scum of the Earth that hands over burdensome strifes upon the innocent, an honest conscience mentalities define the moral decency of those souls worthy of respectability. Dishonesty befalls the weak mindedness of selfish fools, while their wicked existence burdens far too many decent lives.

In falling prey to the foul thieving actions of every typical thief, a most greedy means to an improper end leads to karma’s due. While the material wealth gained in a moments time enriches an individual’s life for an instance, but a most deserving due shall bear no forgiveness for those willing to forsake trustworthy's righteous virtue.

Our sorrowful hearts should always bestow these pitifully hardened souls, as it is our forgiveness that enables our growing beyond such hurtful realities. A thieving heart desires a most purposeful trust—even though these contributors typically fail our sincerest love.

— R. E. Maynard

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