• R. E. Maynard

A Classy Affair with Humanity's Morality

A Classy Affair with Humanity's Morality

A false narrative host a failing leader’s unethical actions to reap the benefits of corruption’s favor—as his loyal followers naively support a dishonest means to their hatred’s lack of character. Authoritarian rule failed to protect a standing democracy broken over the ill temperaments of this imbecile’s greedy American Dream.

As a reserved compassion defines a long-time politician who may not own the perfect record on care, but a heart worthy of our respects prove kindly over such dutiful actions to share—a moral integrity with the tendency for ignoring the many impulses for selfish behaviors typical of politics in today’s immoral political arena. Biden obviously cares.

A distinct difference between the two men remains a clear conscience for me, as the majority of both parties leans toward class over the trash born of a man adorned by the communist ideals of his dictator role models, a separatist forcing racism abode in a once peaceful nation, an unequal prosperity and justice for all forks his tongue’s ranted idioms. Our history shall reign over the ignorant ideological beliefs of a nation of haters ill-fated in their red hats, as we vote out their false idol with forgiveness atop our heart’s sincerities for bringing about change.

We shall heal beyond the years of division that burdened us for far too long, as a decision for better lives shall remain decent in a fair servitude to contribute equally at last. Pay taxes proudly as citizens for the people, governed by the people, as the arrogance relevant of such favorable loopholes lack liberty's morality and given the ranks of the times–a greater amount paid shall pay forward humanity’s willful existence upon those in need. The whining perceptions of wealth deemed forsaken due to the gifts for our greater good’s prosperity, while these are also people important to humanity’s beating heart––they shall only earn their respects least righteously through the dues of a classy affair with all our best realities.

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