• R. E. Maynard

Comedic Rule

Comedic Rule

Life feels serious enough then to not find laughter in our hearts. I wield a sense of humor that balances my ambitious nature to survive or succeed. Life’s hard enough then to not lend my way through these influential days without infecting smiles. A healthy dose of happiness can mend tough feelings of discouragement or despair that we often have to deal with as humans. The innateness of laughter is the simplest dose of hope in our lives too serious at times.

I have one innate rule in life. No worries are important enough than to destroy my sense of humor. Comedy has always been a resource for likability and enabled me to break down barriers for belonging. The truth about my incorrigible personality is a natural matter of defenseless care. I give myself to a deserving world of commonalities and potentials free from judgment. I see us for how we truly are in life.

Definitely not a personality befitting everyone’s suitability, but I do enjoy the human aspect while getting to know someone. We can find common ground in laughter. I spent my youthful years using comedy as a defense mechanism, only to lose myself in a world of diversely rich personalities. Laughter belongs to the freeing nature of humanity without feeling preceded by worries. Love connects our best reasons to poke fun as satirist on a mission to keep our sense of gratitude of one another’s existence. Love or hate me but know that I am just as human as anyone else.

Feeling best equipped in any life can be a tough battle but I think letting our guard down enables connectivity amongst our indifferences. We need one another’s influences to learn from our realities. I encourage people to see me as the imperfections that represent my unique personhood. Who am I but a flawed lump of modeling clay, so such open mindedness helps mold me into a relatable person?

Give me laughter to feed my soul and I shall conquer the world. I can deal with our serious thoughts without being disabling or discouraging. A funny story can enlighten us with our best intentions and heal these ties that bond.

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