• R. E. Maynard

Coursing a Committed Path to My Psyche’s Self-Care

Coursing a Committed Path to My Psyche’s Self-Care

My reasons for partaking in certain trends leave me sacrificing the unnecessary enjoyments often feeding an indulgence for some sensation. The thoughts haunting my mindfulness typically come about when I begin to loosen those restraints from a long day of accomplishing goals. It feels unhealthy to always be overly conscience of every impulsive decision, and I trust that self-care can find a balance befitting my regiment without halting those effort to remain mindful of healthier choices. My weaknesses are the clues to a better lifestyle without lacking a bit of enjoyable indulgence.

The meals begin at the grocery store and a strong-will enables those choices leading to best outcomes, but physical activity demands those efforts to eat clean sacrifice as a result of time and expense. The time it takes to workout, shop, prep, and still maintain a productive life can feel exhausting, but I do what feels best to keep atop my decreasing metabolism. It increases my desire to wise up for the benefit of a healthy lifestyle while keeping my emotional capacity heightened for enjoying the life that I afford myself progressively. Growing a mentality adept with sensitivity builds on strengthens uncommon in many people who simply ignore the signs until it becomes too late to correct such behaviors.

Most important to my daily routine that favors true wellness, I found that a relationship with God best serves my spiritual capacity for dealing with human behaviors (especially, my own). If my emotional influencers lead me into relationships dysfunctional over the concept of dominance, then sincerity fails to present any regarded respects for possibly being an asset led by ego-centric incentives. My personality has dominated with an ego in the past, while not so much centric to others who possess a much more demanding presence, but more so combative in response to emotionally weakened situations in the workplace where leadership continually fails its culture. I must always trust in a humble spirit lending to a team atmosphere, and then if a bullying presence leaves me feeling combative, a resistant nature and honest sets me free from such poor behaviors repetitively demeaning professional growth.

In allowing others lacking as influencers access to my emotions, I learned to safeguard a heart worthy of rising above such conflictive discordance. I now adopted leading qualities best serving my wellness as a leader well equipped with emotional wealth. God’s words wisely act as a resource for humbling a presence socially, but other literary resources can also be a concrete foundation to stand confidently as an emotionally intelligent team member. I am more capable of seeing through conflict and past those personalities who wish to create havoc in the workplace daily. Identifying those behaviors that disable my best chances at a productive day while feeling the need to constantly defend against those decisions that remain dutiful to tasks. Now I know that if those misleading leadership while ignoring disruptive behaviors within their ranks, those decisions leave me in search for a new company inspiring better workplace relationships.

Reading and writing daily acts as a springboard for honing a life of intellect and for appreciating other’s thoughtful accounts of lives as a resourceful assets. I listen to audio books speaking to such topics as philosophy, sociology, psychology, and fiction plus poetry have helped me to discover a personhood unlike anyone else. I am unique to my growing personality and ever compassionate to a society ever evolving. Acting as an influencer prepared to weigh the possibilities as a human flawed but figuring out how best I fit into the scheme of this psyche–I fail and triumph, nevertheless. My mind, body, and spirit give me so much to account for as a human being seeking the path toward self-care. I can only do my best to wield an empathic purpose to succeed each day beyond its morrow. I genuinely desire relationships that influence my best self, but I do encourage that fear is my greatest emotion beyond an ability to self-love gracefully.

Join me in this journey to living our best lives most deservingly. God leads me toward efforts deserving of my good nature and I feel blessed even in the depths of my darkest emotions felt.

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