• R. E. Maynard

Crushing Expressions Last an Eternity

Crushing Expressions Last an Eternity

A man of many words riddled a heart fashioning imaginable dreams, but one beautiful reality remained lost in his most purposeful life. This was a man who lived a lifetime without ever meeting a soulmate to marry, a cherished heart absents to the sincerities of a lover’s willfully promises.

A gift of a wife who might speak to his heart with compassionate desires and treat his sincerities well beyond any heart worthy of growing ever fonder.

A meeting by chance led his literal thoughts into the delights of a fine woman’s impressions, as her influential interests fit kindly with this man’s efforts to exist as more than a lonely existence—writing the tale of a protagonist wielding a passionate soul.

A crushing heart beat rapidly in her presence — near nor far, he could only hope to express an honest heart worthy of loving her for an eternity.

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