• R. E. Maynard

Damned be the Warped Mentalities of Ideological Warfare

Damned hateful determinations for rights—plagued by political mentalities riddling false hopefulness while forcing ill temperaments upon the betterments of humanity’s heartbeat nationwide.

Today’s American identity has a seriously dysfunctional heart failing society’s well for wielding common decency over the ideologies of those living the judgements from their misinterpreted Christ.

Damned be the Warped Mentalities of Ideological Warfare

I cannot imagine how any healing shall come through hearts forcing such behaviors as today’s idiotic constituencies oust one another’s differences, while the divisiveness of the common political perception has a warped interpretation of any truer reality for favoring the reeducation of generations with prosperity’s freedoms.

Bearing no hatred bestowed upon a foe, as wrongly communicating life’s interests and blessings remain known to earnest gifts, and the honesty gaining our respects rightfully––define every simple emotion ever felt for an enemy made and forgiven respectfully.

Damn be an evil heart’s temperamental mindset––the emotional ailment of a separatist, as the nationalist mentality poisons our constitutional freedoms and condemns the American dreams of individuality––the ignorant judgements from those failing to think critically about human rights curse our potentials for loving one another peacefully.

Ignorance instilling the favoritism of death and despair courses all our divided mentalities to suffer through the thoughts of the least impressionable mindsets to ever lead America’s history, and too many innocent citizens of a diverse nation fall prey to the moronic delights of jealous demeanors who deserve our attentive hearts most assuredly.

People failing to inspire their offspring to conquer lives compared to those achieving the toils of successes––so does such worries demand the teaching of ideological warfare in the minds lost in our greater translation for feeling relatedly human after all.

Even though a notion tricking the racist beliefs atop a liar’s tongue, each demeaning implicative ideal communicating the definition of love spreads fears throughout a society adept with little concern for hearts broken by hurtful voices spoken––loudly do we hear fear without a single care of other’s independence while celebrating whoever’s individual rights and likewise failed to find compromise’s favoring peace of mind.

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