• R. E. Maynard

Darkened Days Fade into Light Risen from Hearts Shine-Worthy

Darkened Days Fade into Light Risen from Hearts Shine-Worthy

Even in finding oneself trapped in darkened days reminiscent of hell’s fury, so shall I, a fighter’s spirit forging the light have this day. A man battled anew founded in this courageous heart.

Midnight rays consumed starlit skies raged by anguish, as the weighted burdens befell a heart fearing nightmare visions portrayed through existential ghosting. A soul like mine disappeared into darkness but not gone forevermore, did I rise. Darkened days fade into the light of far brighter days, risen by a desired challenge for surviving an ever-present damaged soul. I panicked with visions of death; I am a species daunted by a quest for remaining amongst the living.

A haunting reaper awaited my weakened heart, sorrowfully fearful of least brave days, tainted by the fashioned pathways leading to nowhere. The faint mist of foggy memories of yesterday’s state of disillusionment crippled me, illuminated in dusky nightfall then lost in translation. Moonlit skies brought about brand new sights for capturing every morrow’s awakened reality. A courage foreseen from within my brave soul, became a soul worthy of capturing the light.

Morning’s brightened waves of light force my every despaired emotion ever felt, leaving me no memories of a tormented soul worthy of rising to trusted revelations. Visions of life pass through my lens for attending to present fallacies—witnessing a means leading to an end forthright through these once blinded eyes. I gained sight.

A confidence for living overruled the risk for losing life, dreadful strife lessened a life raising the stacks for being once human, and surely darkened days tried to blackout my very existence in time. Unless I learned to shine-worthy of days anew, with a heart lit by a blaze from a soul fulfilled with compassion’s deed for loving, attended to satisfactions known. A man willing to breath in this life, thus, fading the darkness into a lighter shade of me ever true for belonging to this life.

— R. E. Maynard

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