• R. E. Maynard

Dawning an Adorned Reconciliation with a Selfless Courage

Dawning an Adorned Reconciliation with a Selfless Courage

Working ourselves into days fading through weeks, forsaken months absent in memories lapsed, and spanning years come and past. A committed relationship with adulting burdens only those emotions spent on feelings known to make us feel trapped.

An awakening must brighten each individuality’s redefined blithering recourse, an identifiable character adorned becomes present through eyes once blinded by the hop-la of refreshing perspectives, as a reality of responsibility never faded away from a life demanding every rightful choice due.

The dawning of a reconciliation process for a thankful existence reached deep within a heart respectfully true, aligned with absolute care, and growth potentials forcing the weight of the world atop an able-bodied mentality, so did a greater capacity for acceptance lend to our every morrow’s potentials as adulting forged selfless courage anew.

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