• R. E. Maynard

Discovering a Self-Disciplinary Disposition in Faith

The need to not judge other people represents my sincere ability to reflect positivity. I have gotten caught up in the divisive nature of society. People who act divisively challenge me to the core. I regret losing lifelong friends due to the combatant nature of simple opinions, but in their honesty—I cannot believe the rhetorics.

I can prove to be the best of my character for your sake.

In a society too hellbent on judging in the face of self-righteousness, I feel guilty for allowing hatred to destroy my faith in humanity. I need to love for the sake of my sanity and sanctity. We all have flaws, so I need a reset apology for a world of hopeful promises. I must react compassionately in my response to lives that I cannot control. I barely have control over a life of my own, and now I pray for a redeemable soul.

God’s wisdom, as interpreted by my emotionally intelligent self-discipline philosophies a life humble at best. A will to get ahead in my life has brought about lessons detrimental to my spirited self-value. I need to cast no judgments over my ability to fit into people’s schemes. My efforts to persuade mindsets to accept me as indifferent have continually failed. I need no divisiveness for retaliatory measures but can prove respectful in my self right.

Faith is my righteous right of passage far preceding the self-righteousness once shown in response to hate. A refocus on my relationship with God affords me armor against evil—even my negative influence. People, divisive or not, do not deserve my judgments because we are all humanly possible. Hatred is a part of our human nature. Unfortunately, I trust the proof of evil amongst humanity reaps soul unforgivingly.

I shall not argue with the times opinionated with individuality. I shall look at the heart of matters with honesty as matters of facts. My faith shall be in a God that heals the trust between a heart and mind confused by actions of late. Doing good deeds for people regardless of their ideological beliefs is the righteous path to disciplined dispositions. We can still live as one human race if our hearts are in the right place.

I only have kind prayers for everyone equally. How any person accepts my faith is not up to me—no matter what we believe individually. Share your hope in humanity for the sake of our blessings. I know you have faith in the prosperity of your living being. Peace, love, and may Joy find ways to bless your lives every day.

I pledge to lead by a better example.

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