• R. E. Maynard

Earnest Relationships in Business #CreatesMeaningful Dreams

Earnest Relationships in Business #CreatesMeaningful Dreams

It feels though I have walked the treacherous deserts on this Earth in search of the American Dream. I am bound by the faith that true wealth comes from my emotional ties to living in servitude of others. To #CreateMeaning in a time dire with so many perceptions of this reality unfavorable to our humanity’s prosperity, I employ a different dream. Being in a Post-Covid-19 crisis where employers seek loyalty amongst overly expectant candidates requires a fair means to everyone’s ends. Plenty of lackadaisical opportunities exist in what clearly defines the strongest job market in decades and employable candidates want to experience the type of opportunities long sold as the dream.

As a job seeker who has met some forward-thinking leaders during my quest for a bright future, I feel my role in a company who desires a strong candidate feels earnestly about offering me great incentives. Our time distant and masked took great dedication to roles certainly committedly true to the heart of every business standing as a staple of America's resourcefulness. My loyalty to equal respects taught me to pursue an earnest means after working for a company that met none of the required deeds for employable growth and a financial end. The real wealth in an organization remains that the employees who feel livelihoods #CreateMeaning and higher support structures a diversely enriched culture prospering rightfully with happiness.

Leaders believing in a team discriminatory with cliques lesson opportunities demeaning potentials as career faltering leads to nowhere close to a dream. Our income means a lot to care for those we love. I feel optimistic that employees shall engage with employers to ensure marginal profits remain valuable while earning potentials feel equally meaningful to those who work daily to achieve goals. I love a good daily challenge and as a reliable employee loyal to all causes and effects for wealth building, I trust that no greater asset in business deserves such respects as the employees who drive the successes. A business owner standing alone achieves only a fair number of failures to bear, but we shall rise above these stressful days together.

I may not have all the answers to this employment crisis, but I do know expectations for paying low wages to gain profits will certainly lack meaningful relationships with job seekers. My credentials costed me a fair amount of time, energy, and expense, so why would I ever consider working for an organization lacking a meaningful future best suited for an ambitious means? We can come together post-Covid to remember the value of being human and maybe our abilities to #CreateMeaning in the workplace shall find us all living well within our means. My experience with awesome employers who put people over profit increases productivity and leads to earnest gains. Those experiences with employers who put profit over the welfare of their people result in gross displays of overtime and experiences forcing intimation factors set gross expectations.

We can come together as a country serving the greater good of humanity with fair wages and inspirable opportunities that lead our initiatives into an innovative future.

Our labors together can reach new heights as our agreeable mindsets increase job potentials and humble the debate over livable means attuned to humanity’s earned income credit. I trust in leadership, my peers, and those able-minded and able-hearted Americans who hold dear to the American Dream. We are Capitalist and drive a hard bargin when our hearts are involved in such beliefs. An eager-hearted professional deserves the respects from his role models at the top of an organization. We must #CreateMeaningful dreams for all Americans willing to aspire to an employable means.

Compromise may be the answer that Americans need while proving capable of finding our truest value in any crisis we face together. God bless all our American Dreams.

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