• R. E. Maynard

Elegantly, Do I Write Soulfully, Portraying a World Most Deservingly

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Elegantly, Do I Write Soulfully, Portraying a World Most Deservingly

I fell in love with the poetic process for narrating life most soulfully, as every word flows through a stream of consciousness ever so beautifully.

How better can I connect our expectations than to write heartily for the sake of readers’ passions grown. A lifetime of expressive thoughts shared feels most rewarding to the sincerest works written with a passion for presenting contents ever dutifully. The personhood of a writer’s voice yields no worries foretelling truths within discoveries obligated by an oath to confer honesty, so I promised myself to write unapologetically.

The care of narratives written can peak tragically still some resolve for the sake of our curiosities leads a protagonist through themes written with absolute mastery.

Words have a special place in my syntax, brought together meaningfully to course our taught mentalities, as personalities characteristic of human behaviors manage to interpret humanity ever so well. I apply an ambitious nature through my written pieces that puzzle the understanding of all things intelligibly known or thus pondered unsuccessfully. As philosophy and psychology meld together themes adorning life through my imagination. I author a life true to its nature courses our existence as so many definitions of being human portrays us compassionately. My creativity never failed those efforts to learn those grammar mistakes leading me to write objectively. I voice what feels right despite the opinions of a world divided and taught to ignore words otherwise wrote to enlighten thee.

Something about an elegant portrayal of emotions that lead to feelings innately real as the weight of a deserving world shares emotions heartfelt with purpose. I, like most readers, fall between the lines written while escaping into some journey otherwise impossible to imagine. Poetic justice tells tales of adventures, investigations, and childhood memories told through the eyes of personhood(s) created to connect our sympathies and sensitivities. Embolden in the fairytales of folklore, survived by efforts to explore, or even in the diabolical plans to overrule leaders meant as a debacle over humanity reign, a writer finds the voices of the people created within narratives challenging the status quo which represents everything real and make-believe.

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