• R. E. Maynard

Every Earthly Reason

When I think of you, a whole list of reasoning comes to mind, as I weigh my love for your entire life, and in my every dedicated word defined, do I hope you realize.

Not a day goes by where my admirations do not find the proof that you are there, and every Earthly reason means far too much to not cherish such an eternity for our lives lived.

Every Earthly Reason

A lifetime shall not regret the weighing state for a long lasting relationship like our’s, as surely the defining moments do staple memories into the fabric of our existence, thus, sowing my affections into the makeup of our lives—you shall always remain adorned.

Not even the foremost scientific reasoning can conclude evidence denying our love does not prove in some special way—defying the odds of mere chance, as a normal basis for researching a typical love can not measure the distance my heart would go.

Truth must tell you by now—honestly, you have every Earthly reason to know, that I love you more than a world can define, in these truest findings weighing my heart’s desires—I want you to know that my heart desires every Earthly reasons to care.

— R. E. Maynard

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