• R. E. Maynard

Every Love Sublime Flaws Over Time

Every Love Sublime Flaws Over Time

A soulmate is a tough find, especially, when a heart speaks honestly about what potentials align with defining principles for wielding happiness and heartache alike, as my heart desires a relationship lasting a lifetime and an eternity cast our light across this timeless destiny with falling hard for one another’s lives entirely.

Passion can make my emotions blinded by pure delight, as an attraction appears worthy of my attention at first sight, but the depths of a fair woman’s heart must have the proof of weighing emotional wealth on a scale for a just means to loving righteously adorned, and such passion gifted to a man’s sincerest sensibilities rewards true blithe over the sufferings of a broken heart.

O’ does my thoughtful desires understand the expectations of a good woman’s purposeful life, because I attend to my flaws while demanding the most from a heart committed and acceptant to those flaws of a soulmate worthy of my admirations.

An over a life of embraces and coldshoulders offering up the challenges of obscurities––a future unknown to two hearts melding in certainty––fashions a true love willingly mended with indifferences that must remain sought to heal any acceptances for dealing with those opposing realities that cause hearts to fade.

The broadness of a universe shining with the dreams of lover’s compromise, shall serve the successes of soulmate’s compassions over judging any ill-temperaments led by every disagreeable mindset, as a heart strengthened by a willful determination owns self-respect in a life worthy of self-love’s sublime.

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