• R. E. Maynard

Every Pedal Thrown from a Budding Crown

Every Pedal Thrown from a Budding Crown

I plucked a single rose from Mother Earth’s brow, and she frowned upon my darkened heart with glee, and a once broken soul forgot about a past betrayal.

I chose a pedal and picked it from its budding crown, as I tossed it to the ground with a single wish. I made a plea to my Heavenly Father, “I wish she’d love me faithfully forevermore.” A warmth came over my soul with time to spare.

Each new day I seen the proof of her existence not near nor far, a stranger really, but obviously the woman of my dreams. I picked another pedal and threw it aside, and another I chose until the stem was bare. I realized my efforts left a pathway to show her the way to my deserving heart.

Every pedal now resembled steppingstones for walking atop my heartfelt promises, as my love for her took arise. My truest heaven here on Earth was a love found in this fair lady’s blessed soul. This devotion I spoke with truth to my dear God’s promise to me, as a heart worthy never lies, leads the way faithfully to her trusted heart.

She is my adoring queen, as I learn to worship in her life through the love of our lord—Jesus Christ.

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