• R. E. Maynard

Every Prayer Honors the Courageous at Heart

America is a home like no other, while in the trenches of war—brother bonds brother. The duties of every American relies on one truest principle, our lives are protected by the courageous at heart.

We the people of our great nation serve as an example for what constitutes living in a moral society. As freedom of religion founds our rights for trusting in souls committed to Jesus Christ, or in finding spirituality in whatever means to a sensible end—through our hearts, we live as one nation under God.

Every Prayer Honors the Courageous at Heart

Bravery marks our long history, as fathers have raised men and women of valor, and mothers willfully gave to liberty their begotten sons and daughters. Memories and memorials span each generation with appreciative hearts, as love for our soldiers define the greater good of existing in a civil society.

American Dreams continue to build on the individual lives deeming each of our own willful desires. Standing for a greater purpose while succeeding a life worthy of our democracy. No respects shall ever fall upon the lies of tyranny, as the proof of wholesome families, thy love for neighbors, and celebrations held within communities far safer than the any foreign soil of countries near and far reward America's fighting spirit.

Offer your commitments and prayers daily for those who fight against a world of immoral differences, as a mere moment’s committed prayer goes a long ways for those sacrifices made. Heaven is a beautiful reward for such a dedication to humanity’s saving grace. May we as a nation prove forever grateful for such blessings afforded to us by the brave—God bless, America. God bless, America’s brave.

— R. E. Maynard

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