• R. E. Maynard

Every Waking Night

Lying in the darkness of a mindful conscience shall I reside, while thoughts of her beauties weighed heavily over my delightfulness. Love absent in my forsaken life felt safe from heartache most frightfully, but I imagined embracing her while lying next to my naked body every waking night.

Full lips must be a fulfilling sensation to experience her ever so, as softened kisses meet an affectionate abode across my lips most gratefully bestowed. A heartbeat raced while hours passed insomnia’s restlessness, as eyes wide open from eager passions forced upon my sexuality atoned these imaginable dreams of mine.

Drifting into exhaustion has a time come to pass, a body fallen into deep rimmed sleep lie still in a favored peace of mind at last, and as moonlit nights appeared, our bodies swayed upon the moon surface and presented us with a chance to dance the night away. A demanded truth foretelling of our potential to touch two hearts as lovers do, does a redeemable means to every single person’s broken heart desire love’s faithfulness for a brand-new start.

Love awakened a spirited affair with our bravest sensibilities.

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