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Every Worthy Step May Stumble

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Every Worthy Step May Stumble

My most human habits teeter back and forth based on the seasonal influences each year, as I find little inspiration to exercise in the colder months of Ohio’s ever-changing temperatures.

Age sure has taught me how important health and wellness are to my existence here on Earth. This month I will turn fifty-one years old and needed a realization about my lifestyle. The end of the winter season led me to reevaluate an uninspired body too heavy with extra weight that causes risk of health and wellness issues to bear.

At the beginning of the 2021 Summer season, I found many inspiring reasons to exercise, eat better, and be faithful to God. My first initial walk led me through a trialing hike in a trail where I cramped up and almost did not make it back to my car. Dehydration and shame taught lessons about my failing condition, so I made some valuable changes in my daily regimen that mattered greatly.

Feeling good physically and emotionally were the goals that I set above all else. Naturally, the foods eaten daily must act to cleanse my body, knowledge humbling a determined mind grew intelligibly so, and a soul fulfilled by scripture proved love’s divinity. In finding myself unhealthy and as unwellness added new routines with healthier meal options and long walks shedding my inhibitions one step at a time, I felt a commitment to living with this purpose meant never returning to bad choices. Bad habits are a far easier routine for me to maintain risks that have deadly consequences to an unforgiving life. Cheating with a snack here and there does not mean that I am an awful person. I left every sorrow over such necessary change in those prayers attest to a much stronger will to survive gracefully.

Faith sometimes feels too farreaching to fathom over breadths of unmeasurable stressors on my psyche, as I give every life choice to God’s judgments and not of my own. I think critically of those responsibilities due to higher education, but I believe moralistically for the sake of advocacy and goodwill in the name of Jesus Christ. I have a determined soul willing to sin without judgments thereof my human existence.

Stepping through life bravely one foot at a time gives me a strength emboldened by sensitivity and compassion thereof my mistakes made. Humanity feeds my conscience a healthy dose of obligation, but humbly so and, my spiritual self walks forward with an abundance of emotional wealth.

Enriching my soul feels best paid to my service as a do-gooder wielding no pride, as talents and labors justify my employable, charitable, and actionable means. I owe my actions through the dignity for living my best life, as I give heartily for a soul cleansed by such a willingness to be the change necessary in such a life lived.

The time spent challenging my mind, body, and spirit enlightens me with the resolve necessary for care. Sacrifice promises me that every worthy step chosen leads to life most deserving of aches, pains, worries, stresses, and most importantly, I favor happiness.

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