• R. E. Maynard

Every You and Me Equals Us

Every You and Me Equals Us

Our hearts lend well to humanity’s favor, as sure shall our duty to mend the hearts weary over the chaos of days of late, so do we all own the capacity to wield peaceful ties to a shared democracy. No one idealism shall befit the needs of our diverse society’s willful desires to live free. Such freedoms rely dependent equally upon the basis for our acceptance to those vulnerabilities that create such divide adamant with coursing differences.

Look to your individual host for living and loving beyond our comfortabilities complacent while ignoring the relatability of our disinterests. Hatred has damaged the heart of our nation, as does a condition of framing idealism’s haunt our very presence in disinforming charged mentalities ill-equipped to favor any political discord. We must all do our part to forgive the indecencies of each other’s belief systems forever imperfect but imperative to the very existence of mankind’s duality.

Love, respect, and compromise shall be the only befitting future for prosperity within a nonpartisan democratic republic, now ill-adept to trust in any justification where liberty fashions an opportunity for democracy to succeed. Even our worst failures only fail to reeducate our characters due to selfish means to ponder a never-ending tale of two idealisms wicked by their very nature.

Have we not learned anything in two hundred and forty-four years of debatable politics?

Be American, misunderstood, an individuality, or unique to yourselves, but love thy existence amongst thy neighbor’s willingness to represent freedoms reign. Every you and me equals us living together in the land of the free.

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