• R. E. Maynard



A rain drop trickle down the long stem of a lily, in the midst of a field of dreams, as a man smitten simply watches heavy droplets pounce the Earth most delicately. Slow motion captures a pondering man’s sights with an arraying satisfaction for inhaling life, while his eyes open to a world of growing species abounding an exhaling sense of belonging to oneself. Self-love forfeits any of his latter feelings of strife. Breathing in life’s purpose, does a humble man sigh in relief, as he concludes that the proof of an existence on a planet finds inevitable discoveries.

A single spark lights the way forward, warming to every centering core, the ingenuity of mankind reinvents his defending principles for surviving every wayward obstacle ever destructive. The human race remedies the tools for fashioning a warriors’ protective sense of guarding shelters, territories marking a person’s insecurities, as he evolves by decreasing nature from absorbing every square inch of his indulgence. He reigns in a life of his vulnerabilities.

An intelligent species rules the days, born of flesh and blood, does a man’s thoughts resemble life anew and old. A history foretold defines his darkness lit with bold bright lights of new horizons, shallowing strolls into a pathetic man’s mindsets broaden commonsense and intellectualism. He sought science through echoes of society’s desires, spilt in the streets paved in rage and bones, as he lessons a life of his curiosities for a soulmate and a place in the hemisphere. Researching a world where hearts remain numb to the savagery of a child grown into the depths of a man’s wants and needs, an adolescent angered by a life bequeathed in rising above abuse, as a mother nurtures a flock of redemptions in the spirit of a son’s journey into manhood.

A hunters’ breath steadies as every fair game for being a provider becomes of his own, the predator’s coursing for prey finds its match delayed while preying on the weakness of every victims’ naïveté. A moral man owns a sensitivity only known to the participants worthy of caverning a heart like the courageous fatherly figure born of destiny. Do declare a warrior’s deeds, he saddles his steed with a brave heart. A fair amount of time passes by and candid indeed, adventures come to past, and a man fought and thorough to the evolution of his dreams, now seeks serendipity for redeeming some sense for belonging to a deserving world where love plants the seeds of hope.

A world where a good woman, bearing a beauty strong with will, a feminine partner building on a man’s triumphs, supporting a foundation for a family grown. A woman better to belong on her own, trust in his sincerities. A couple’s committed stance fathoms all that matters in the hearts overflowing with emotional wealth, as a man known by a greater sense of evolving understands the embrace of a wife’s equaling tides to life. Together the bond of a relationship bound by love evolves beyond expectations to simply exist, and a life of experiences lend to forging better ways to persevere life’s memories. Storing a time capsule for loving as a vessel for evolving into a future where anything becomes their greater possibilities and transcending whatever may be–shall be the realities of two lovers evolving lonelier times of late.

A man fulfilled with a lady's treasures–is a wealthy man indeed.

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