• R. E. Maynard

Risen in a Sorrowful Storm Front

Fallen in a Risen Stormfront

The belief of love’s infinity shall prosper my caring heart through raging storms, adorned in the abuses of even a second apart from a courageous soul, as I ache for a feeling of sorrow to enlighten my abode.

In light bright with acknowledgement have I grown, sprouted in the nourishments of a fruitful soil sturdy as my foundation, shall all our lives stem from the bounty of hearts ever known as bold.

God guides us through the blissfulness of summer flowers blooming in colorful displays of fears recognized and their resolving indifferences awaken us, as I cast sun rays on a healthy host, while Earth acts as a self-importance for my lasting connection with nature’s prosperity.

A voice sounds out for all to cherish He who gifts the world, or to disregard my sorrows by cherishing remorse as a sinner ever relatable to humanity, so have I done wrong to discover such righteousness humbling me despite many perceiving notions about my devotion to Christ.

As I tread lightly in a storm front of sorrowful flowers raining down on my cheerful and at times weary dispositions, transitioning through the pounding pedals enabling visions of life’s beautifulness with each passing bloom fulfilling its destiny to blessed me with joy.

Be of our Father’s welcoming spirit, faithful in our hearts for weathering the storms, do we reign in His loving presence ever growing protectively. Feel guarded in our duty to bestow such grace, as I speak to the experiences best serving my spiritual existence here amongst the raindrops.

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