• R. E. Maynard

Falling Gracefully from Mountaintops

Falling Gracefully from Mountaintops

I plead for a forgivable plea, endeavored in the least judgments of my own demise sinfully. Damn my own self-importance resigned a distrust in humanity, as I reigned a soul emptied upon thee foolishly. Carelessly expressive as a man witnessing murder and thievery daily, I am a suiter to the obligations for hunger and wealth accordingly. A mindfulness once frightened in least favoring trust in the silence of His watchful presence, shall questioning what constitutes the forgivable heart of sinner. I exist in His light, because of my willingness to fall gracefully.

Faithful, I then became weakened by mankind’s indulgent nature to deceive thy brother and sister’s loyalty. Evidence proving how an able mindedness befitted the likes of a fowl flown from a nest most hastily, seeking the flesh fulfilling an appetite intent on enriching oneself in the cup of God’s wrath. Acceptant of death and despair, He asked us to write our accounts of regarded truthfulness with our watchful eyes most honestly. Life’s trails criminalized thoughts with troubling righteousness, a humanity undermined the foundation for speaking to the wholly with truths bearing a liar’s voice of reasoning, while I have witnessed my own recklessness bearing a troubled mind in the physical realm.

Overnight has my heart grown fearful, rejoiced again, and then lost in a foundation crumbling beneath my abled feet. I no longer fall prey to the drunkenness of evil’s darkness, nor do I feel perverse in life’s orgy to please my own passion for lusting over His creation. Feeling naked without God’s love drenching me in salvation’s worthiness, I may fall from mountaintops. I know confidently how impressionably deceived–I can be; I shall not disgrace my belief in a God who will someday come for me most trustily.

I accept His watchful presence as knowing a best time to reap the damnation of our nations, and deservingly He shall cleanse hearts enriched with spirited relationship to Jesus Christ’s sacrificial lamb. Faith in my efforts to become readthrough as a Christian represents His birth, life, and what He gave to protect my existence in the afterlife.

I shall feel risen in the ranks of God’s Mountain peak, trusted in His wrath atop a mountaintop, boldly standing free of evil’s everyday betrayals, as a warrior in God-of-the-Angel-Armies, a powerful love will strengthen me now and forevermore.

Survival is a gift ingrained in me, dutifully.

Thank you, God. I feel like the King of our Mountaintop, praised in Thee, worshipping wisely, and committed to Him who sends blessing to me through an eternity.

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