• R. E. Maynard

Fatefully, Discovered in Light of Me

Fatefully, Discovered in Light of Me

Search for the sake of a treasurable life, adventured through the landscapes of any impossible means, as successes truly are the unimaginable things––fulfilled in my most curious desires.

Coursing the pathways awakened by my absolute dreams, as well as a soul avoided the darkness challenged by one’s willingness to course a single care. So, I remained courageous in soul-searching those emotions which caused every heartache’s inevitable direction to force me forward through a time portal’s reminiscent human being. Stayed lost in translation, I cried out to a deafened world––denied by fate’s serendipity. Blinded by a lighted way forward, I lost my ways––traveled in hindsight of my mistaken identity.

Believing wholeheartedly in a worthy distinction founded on such committed truths, a heart lessoned in time passed through the hours of a looking glass, as I grew a gothic rose from my scornful heart, as the protective thorns of every regretful past guarded a gentleman’s fighting spirit. I sought to conquer a frightful world of vengeful expectations to bear my discoveries.

As my willful heart forgave with passion’s wayward choices and managed over a love like mine, and as I loved a life anew with the courage to course each morrow undeniably afraid of what still may frighten me––the lack of fear misguided a heart uncommitted to the glory of fate’s riddled barriers. Fate coursed the best of me––in light of me.

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