• R. E. Maynard

Feel Fulfilled in the Peaceful Resolve of Choices


Be one great choice from finding your peaceful resolve

In the choices that we make every day, the potential for living presents some greater expectations for the courageous thinker – one driven by choices. To choose to live life at best, means that you are adapting to trying new things or being in social settings that provoke changes in your psyche. I get the feeling sometimes that my life is dragging these oversized metaphorical clown feet. To feel free to explore life’s newer boundaries means that I have no boundaries at all. I will never be an outlaw, as my conscience sides with the laws of right over wrong. I just want to gaze upon a mountain top into a hazy skyline of puffy clouds and take in the majesty of life’s amazements.

Most of our workdays are filled with purposeful obligation to remain stable. We rat race scurrying around with good intentions and fail to realize the loss of our adventurous side of life. To believe that you are worthy means that one good choice leads to another one. We may never all become blessed with such a fortune to live free from responsibilities, but we are responsible for our dreams and every single day. I encourage a greater resolve to influence life’s course of direction – live your peaceful resolve and find serenity in moments that matter. Be with your family, friends, and go travel to places that inspire your senses to be in contact with beauty. We have too little time on this Earth, so be the product of your best choices. Live life like you have no tomorrow and do respect the process of being a little selfish along the way. You are worth every single choice.

–R. Everett Maynard - 01/22/19

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