• R. E. Maynard


The sweltering heat cooked his fiery soul. In his high school days, he was the guy to know, and popularity defined his friendly disposition. After the years passed him by so quickly, the isolation from friends and family left him sickly. A fever caused him to slip into a state of duress. Every minute seemed to last for an eternity, as the ticking of his eternal clock beat the hours away in an ICU unit. A coma led to a most restful sleep in the confines of the local hospital.

No realization of visitors came to his recollection, besides their echo of conversations made regarding his life. Lost in a dreamlike state he laid still unconscious to the world moving in fast forward. A committed girlfriend awaited his return to a life once lived. Frightful nightmares haunted his soul, as nightfall portrayed a picture show into the darkness of his blank eyelids.


Holding his hand tightly, a young woman thought of times where they laid together at night. A list of loved ones prayed for his survival as this situation forced a ventilator to breath in his life. A young man’s lungs worked so hard to fulfill this purpose to help him breath. He had not left this embodiment of his once lively self, lying still day after day, no awakening had come to pass.

Words danced around in his mind like ballerinas scurrying about in a ballet. The tempo of his ventilator remained steady, with a rhythm that caused this strange trance like mood in his room. However, sleep was not a means of accomplishment for his loved ones. Months felt like years in the courageous guts of these brave supporters stayed right by his side with hope he would live once again.

A tough decision came to weigh his future, as his parents stood at the end of his bed in tears. He had been in this state now for years. Time came to spare his last breath before another day may burden their broken hearts, as love changed the way people now seen his lifeless body. Nevertheless, his soul still fought hard to understand the purpose of these thoughts of departure from his blessed life. The truth was that he felt awakened in his subconscious mind.

In a frightful realization that forced him to listen as a group discussed his demise. The doctors had now convinced his parents to give up on his unfortunate life. The family and friends all watched the staff remove the equipment with still some regret atop their hearts. A mother and father prayed with great conviction for their son’s afterlife.

Suddenly, the once physically active body of a son laid without a possibility on a bed of never belonging to this world again. A mother filled with a sincere heart asked the Lord to forgive his sins.

He cried out in the depths of his fearful soul, “I am right here damn it. Right here, God... I’m alive!”

Heads hung low with mournful sorrows, as everyone had to trust that their expectations led him to a far better place. They kissed him one last time upon his beautiful face. While his girlfriend lowered her lips to his forehead, a soft murmur spoke to her under his determined breath. He said to her, “I love you, dear.”

The moment seemed too surreal as their eyes met, and the room ignited into a newly spirited affair with his life anew. A feverish nightmare had a lasting effect on everybody’s memories of days of late, but now that he stared up with blurred eyes adoringly–sighs of relief filled the room. The proof of his heart kept him from losing his battle with life. He laid in his bed alive and felt grateful for awakening to the love that fueled his soul’s attempt at living life happily ever after.

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