• R. E. Maynard

First Breathe Beyond a Broken-hearted Breaths Relentlessly Freed

First Breathe Beyond a Broken-hearted Breaths Relentlessly Freed

A broken heart never feels the reward of freedom until a reasonable conscience defines such a toiled life. The sincere at heart fail to reap what they sew, as opposites attract in light of lessons learned from every single’s horrid past.

Every commitment to time well spent living up to another’s expected wants and needs—bounties the hosting affair with time lost. The lover’s daydreams fade into nightmarish screams of anguish, and despair taints a heart worthy of the sanctuary love protects.

Destiny forces choices upon the truthful regards for those naively willing to connect, as a stab in the darkness of heartache must settle a longing for sympathy. A fair judgement courses every relationship equally, where a heart depends upon the risk of such behaviors as the cheating types.

The first breathe after a broken-heart breaths relentless freedom—far beyond the expectations of every foolish discovery, a heart desires the beauty of love’s faithfulness, and compassion leads lovers to do as they do.

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