• R. E. Maynard

Flirting with Disaster, Lends to No Life of Dreams

Love is a most grandeur thing, the way a person plays your heartstrings ever so orchestrated. They sync their soul with the tone of your heartbeat—then does love appear sublime, or it becomes realized as deceptive in a lover’s eyes.

Simple flirting seems like such a harmless deed, until you have an emotional connection with someone truly special, and as they simply cannot recognize the passion of your aching heart. The making of newfound painful memories lowers your self-esteem.

Flirting with Disaster, Lends to No Life of Dreams

Sometimes it is best to sever ties with this person altogether, as you regain respect for your most rightful regard, so shall you be saving your heart from suffering the embarrassment of hurting one another’s undeserving pride. Pride is a horrible way to love your soulmate, while caring about yourself speaks confidently to a heart ever worthy.

No amount of words can avoid speaking on behalf of the heart’s truest desires, and some of our most loving qualities torture the human spirit. Let us explore the deeds of a liar’s least thoughtful agendas. These are the worst type of people indeed, as their un-concerning ways of mischief lack an ability to deal with broken hearts. These are thieves who use trickery to steal your satisfactions, while they belittle your honesty in an act of betrayal.

The unfaithful are a whole different bread of sociopath, as they lend their soulless efforts to protect their desires for a most pleasurable affair with some disastrous plan. No worries weigh their conscience, empty hearts accept no judgements ruled unfavorably, and love fails our better sensibilities while devoted to their cause. Even though love defines your best efforts made—a heartless return of emotional wealth will always leave us feeling helplessly broke.

Investing in a relationship of this stature is a joke, and it takes plenty of necessary time to wake up to a life of your greater expectations. Dreams come to those who awaken to their most conscious desires. A heart in love weighs every chance rightfully, and a couple worthy of existing in the same dream—experiences love without a disastrous means to an end.

— R. E. Maynard

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