• R. E. Maynard

Forgiveness is in Our Willful Hands

Forgiveness is in Our Willful Hands

My soul shall triumph in a most spirited affair relishing hopeful promises, as I stand above thee scorched in the fiery pits of Hell most regrettably. I shall pray with absolute sympathy for your damnations in serving the devil’s dues. My love shall reach into the farthest depths of the damned, as these devoted words confess the foul deeds you have committed against humanity without any shame.

As a soldier in God’s army, I choose to rise in His occasion for battling thee on battlefields rained with the bleeding hearts of our innocence, as remorse and compassion act as my battling swords, I shall slay the demons forsaken thee.

Prayers raise your lives into the light of the Lord, He graces thee with peaceful serenities without judgements known to damn thee. Only a merciful God shall forgive thee wholeheartedly for leaving your thoughts in the hands of evil’s torturous memories. Together, we are His children battling over Earthly gains most stubbornly, and no one shall win a moral consciousness wielding ignorance so demanded, where lies lend to selfish ways ever adorned by foolery.

My sacrifice may be the wielded heart of hearts pleading with our Fathers’ sense of morality, as only His righteousness supersedes a sinners’ prideful prophesies. Stories foretold by mankind’s false hopes never overruling a truer sense of realities for our superiorities, a creation gone astray with blame upends bearing tongues spoken through tales of greed most dishonestly. Redeemed in the blood of Christ, we shall rise to the Heavens in His good name, as I prove how that I love thee too.

I am merely a servant of the Lord, thus, kindly I give my soul for God’s bounty and His forgiveness instills dutiful causes in hearts anew most deservingly. Forgiveness is in all our capable hands. God Bless!

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