• R. E. Maynard

Forgiveness Redeems a Worthy Heart

A foolish heart must not remain tortured by the darkness that once fell upon his mistaken identity for the sake of love. In a humble man’s most sincere thoughts for rediscovering a kinder heart’s purpose for loving, does he find out a truth far too late, as he learned to understand exactly how a broken-hearted man seeks forgiveness from the love of his life. 

Forgiveness Redeems a Worthy Heart

Self-forgiveness is a necessary gift to enable a greater purpose for living wholeheartedly, while the betterment of a moral man’s choices are afforded by a trust in Christ. Only God knows the proof of a regretful man’s true committed heart, as He—thy savior gifts a mere man a life worthy of self-respect, as redemption for poor choices made lead to a new light at the end of a dutiful life.

And even though a fair lady’s heart may never grace the soul of this man’s once foolish existence, as well as an empathy for loving may find it’s due in a history of discoursing memories, now foretell a new peace of mind in a man grown by the darkness of strifes. 

I, foolish nevermore, redeem my right to love me respectably. As I, a faithful man leave my heart open for a life of blissful love. And I hope you can finally discover my shining light, as you choice to see my forgiveness most deservingly.

— R. E. Maynard

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