• R. E. Maynard

Forgotten Child

The once perfect life she divulged, as such innocence kept her naïvely known, now spilled over into a world of debauchery, as her woeful titillations fed an appetite for inevitable destruction.

Raging blood coursed her veins with the senseless awareness of each affair, tormenting her most tainted heart, as she pleasured her lesser sensibilities with lustful desires and a careless nature.

Forgotten Child

No amount of love founded her greater expectations for returning love’s faithfulness, and every memory of being forced to lie fearfully, naked and at prey, as he plunged his loin onto her youthful body without a conscienceless notion for such sickened decisions to betray her trust, and her weighted insecurity caused tears to flood the well of her existence ever more painfully.

The act of denial hurt this child more so than anything else, a mother’s love felt absent or even distant at times when she needed love most, as she was forced to weigh forgiveness over the emotional abuse rooted deep within her aching core, and the compassion for a mother who proved love had no foundation for sorting through such a reality thus consumed a woman's darkened soul.

The barrel of a pistol forged this future for feeling forsaken, now an adult--her own dismayed favor for living beyond rape emptied her completely, while the distance between her self-respect and actions broadened a gap in her broken heart, as her once peaceful soul rested no longer willfully.

She found an endless devotion to death in an instance, as she left life undeservingly, her spirit ravaged a world of terrors that she once encompassed regretfully, as the torturous heart of this child forfeited her soul’s home over the wicked actions of a mere monster—a father of such worsened regards haunted her soul nevermore. She rose to a most spirited affair, far beyond the history of a forgotten child.

— R. E. Maynard

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