• R. E. Maynard

Forgotten Sorrows of a Lady’s Protective Heart

Protect what is sacred and your's – lend love wholeheartedly.

A life of love forbade a lady’s hurtful heart, as the desperations of pain clouded her brightened light.

A darkened sicken ailed her beating heart. A tendered heart learned to live once more — she rose far above a once painful regret.

A greater love compelled her soul’s right to be whole again. True courage raised her above the mistreatments that once ruled her days and nights — nevermore.

A beautiful faithful heart learned to wipe away her tortured scars and shine again. She owned a soul survived by a new-found sense of truths.

Her life hardened no more, as she dreamed of love ever so true. She treasured a life far beyond the forgotten sorrows of her regretful past.

A new relationship happily rose from fear — love lasted her somehow.

— R. Everett Maynard

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