• R. E. Maynard

Framed Fallacies Forfeit Freedom’s Forsaken Favor for Dividing America

If our society continues to trust in the leaning opinions framed on either side of the political spectrum—so shall our souls fail the betterment of mankind. As our greater commonalities remain divided by the fallacies of foul reasoning for disagreements. Together, shall we never deny our obligation as peacekeepers in our homeland.

News mediators gain their ground on building a wall of insecurity that separates our better judgements for loving one another—as brother battles brother. The marching order of one constituency spews hatred for those harboring opposing views and likewise ado. It appears obvious that so many of our good citizens form their perceptions around framed ideologies falsely forfeiting humanity’s grasp.

Framed Fallacies Forfeit Freedom’s Forsaken Favor for Dividing America

The forsaken favor of the wealthy versus the poor bend our hearts for lessening those decent sensibilities found through the moral compass of a middle-class. Our hearts break the mold, whenever love rules the day. Any justification for owning a heart comparably destructive, forfeits compassion’s weirding power for caring for thy neighbor. A world of possibilities awaits our greater expectations to dream. The face of the human race appears as frowning demeanors soil in the distasteful rhetoric of fools. We all have our differences to bear. Forgiveness is the only way that we can succeed through our disparities.

Speeches diss the obligations of our so-called figures responsible for legislating an equaling symbol for inspiring hope. And far leaning discourse models our behaviors that fall democracy's obligatory rule, as a congress for the people, by the people—stand for nothing more than division at best. No administrating leadership has ever found our common ground wishfully invisible of such a vowing promise –"United We Stand." Brave soldiers are the America–I vow to admire. Their willful courage is the promise that we should forever adore.

Liberty affords us the compassion for stirring our melting pot a brew, as diversity adds valued purpose to the greatest nation on Earth. Setting aside our thoughts on whatever matter, voting for leaders that maintain our standards for living, thus, freeing our consciousness over advocacy, and serving to the morality of our civil servants–guaranteeing justice for all. As we, a moral society learn reasoning for voting out the corruption of our political arena. A decent species–we shall prove worthy, a people kinder than ever before. We can only pray that our hearts rise above the glorification for enforcing America's division.

Integrity lives inside me—an equal love exists inside you.

— R. E. Maynard

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