• R. E. Maynard

Full Spectrum Fathering

Full Spectrum Fathering

Born of the Father, Son, and Wholly Ghost – an Earthly father contributed to my conception, and he gave nothing more than a life of absence bestowed. One day I became aware of a father’s burdens to bear, as he casted his existence in darkened days alienated from any relationship of his own. A father and son born blessed through sorrows forgave two hearts due of eternal lives together.

Spirited in the light of the Lord, I founded solemn peace in those men not of my birth right loin, and I rejoice in such fatherly figures who stood both day and night protecting all that is a son cherished in worthy hearts too bold to adore me ever so.

Honoring any man who harvested God’s truths to grow a son through the blessed ties of fatherhoods’ forever salvable means, chancing morality’s honesty for the influence of a father’s blood, sweat, and tears. I hold all fathers dear.

To those men who have sacrificed for the necessities of their offspring, may every sincere appreciation be a gifted right for years of fathering, as you tend to the branches grown from the tree of life, as these heartfelt ties branch out for the humanity of all our blessed lives.

Happy Father’s Day to all those Earthly and Heavenly known fatherly types that we love. I applaud your fatherly history and rightfully so. Cheerful of those shoes filled by a manly presence keeping us all feeling eager to fulfill our destiny as a son or daughter, while we learned to branch out upon our own endeavors in fatherhood forevermore.

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