• R. E. Maynard

God Founded My Wielding Heart’s Most Purposeful Life

God Founded My Wielding Heart’s Most Purposeful Life

My savior founded this soul through His willful promise to gift me breath, a many blessings leave me reasons for living like breadcrumb’s leading a better way forward, as I exist in a life of faithful sincerities met.

A belief that His return shall spare my committed soul—fulfills a loving grace, as He makes a heart of struggles feel complete and whole, and I pray His influences guide my dutiful heart above the darkness that fell upon my torrid past.

At last a peaceful righteousness reaches the efforts of my duty to serve a deserving world, as my servitude for preaching His word shall grow a lifetime of blessings anew.

My admirations for true Christianity respects the betterment of our humanity, while we shall inspire a greater peace between the human spirit and our differences as a species.

Thus, our existence here on Earth must wield purposeful ties, far greater regards exist in the proof of His love for us, which I trust shall gain our devotions wholeheartedly, and as our ministry lends to our salvation, surely—a cherished soul exist in all His children—faithful or not. Forgiveness is a promise that our Father gifts the remorseful at heart.

Our lives shall inspire an eternity for blessed souls, as existent in my heart’s desire—I want you to know your heart may be worthy of happiness forevermore.

— R. E. Maynard

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