• R. E. Maynard

God Lit My Light with Faith

God Lit My Light with Faith

Anxiety does move on me most aggressively some days, while tempered by a stricken mentality to survive my fearful existence. Darkened days represent my predicament for acquiring an everyday life misled by the evil that surrounds my impressionable thoughts so wickedly with regret.

Emotional depths left fearful with sincerities over evil’s creation, dim my heart with sincere fears about my willingness to sin, and the truth about my insurrection as a Christian grew from such frightful thoughts about damnation, which led me to rejoice in the Christ child Jesus’s name, as He knew to reward me with the salvation freeing me from burdens carried.

With love atop my brow has God reborn the ash of the chosen shepherd upon me forevermore. I live in the darkness not another moment, as time’s blessed refuge from my self-destructive ways enlightens me with hope, and God speaks well to my healing nature.

I brought love to the sunshine of my heart and lead my people to far better places. God gifted His saviors with faithful souls, armed with compassion and decency that shall assists in our innermost relationships with His Wholly Ghost.

God lit my heart ablaze with self-love, so that I can see my destiny clearly, while I journey through the paradise of His forever graces to forgive my soul peacefully. God blessed a world in need of His presence within, and for the sake of those who fail to find Him faithfully—I pray He knows you all too well with remorseful hearts inevitably. I shall share the heavens with all those who love wholeheartedly with God’s divinity.

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