• R. E. Maynard

God’s Willful Plan Guides a Heart Ever Deservingly

I know my heart beats for the sake of Him, a father indeed—He cares for me undeniably. God lives through me, and I live through all that is He. His blessings know my stressful life ado, as He understands exactly when I need the proof of His love the most—our father, His son, and the wholly ghost.

God’s Willful Plan Guides a Heart Ever Deserving

Our destiny is to own His love—each and everyday, He willfully gave His only begotten son. In Jesus’s name, His love shall never forsaken a single soul. O’ how God loves our blessed lives, as we exist in His capable hands rightfully. I trust in His blessed plan for me, as I pray for a deserving world.

Love is a miracle gifted by Thee, as our sinful souls light the world on fire. Remorseful hearts receive forgiveness for our sins—becoming hearts anew, as God gifts a soul worthy of an existence by His side. I sit by God’s throne adoringly, as He enables this peaceful spirit to shine wholehearted forevermore.

— R. E. Maynard

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