• R. E. Maynard


Love is a complicated emotion to fathom, as a love affair does not always add up to an equaling satisfaction.

Dabbling in the cost of love can be a pricy endeavor to even calculate one's own feelings over another’s emotional wealth.

The proof of feelings felt are simply a purposeful lifeline for an eternity of happiness–challenged by how opposites attract, or as devastating consequences become a horrid reality.

After two hearts march into a battlefield—hurtful moments leave broken promises deceased in the tormented souls who sacrificed so much happiness for resentful wounds to bear.

Guarded pleasures once an allure is a guarded appeal for weighing the course of any relationship. People change over time and the good old days fade into a distant past, while someone always comes out drowning in teardrops, and the significant other discovers another heart to impress upon.

In finding a soulmate, a lover, typical of best friends for the ages, and the type of confidant worthy of respects that last, which I trust defines love’s faithfulness. In a blink of an eye, a magical act has nothing over witnessing a cheaters’ willingness for destroying a committed bond, as pains from the heart carry on and on to worsening sorrows. "Poof! You're gone," argues every person moved on.

A great deal of adoration for oneself raises the stacks for securing a bountiful treasury, while an invested heart enriches honesty and prevents the dissatisfactions of a broken heart. Be priceless, golden to the core, and you may never devalue the cost of your dreams for loving wholeheartedly.

– R. E. Maynard

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